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Originally Posted by HTT3 View Post
Majority? To whose standards, certainly not to anyone who understands hockey.

Who is new?

Emmerton is relatively new - def hasn't been here for "years" as you call it.

That's TEN (10) One.Zero new players... Lol. Majority? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!1!!!!!!!1!

Lets not forget Assistant coach Tom Renney.....

Sammy is not new, he already knows the Red Wings system. Same with Quincey and Smith and Emmerton. They've played here, under Babcock, the style he teaches and plays has not changed. They teach them how to play the Red Wings style in Grand Rapids so the transition is easier. Simply put; they all understand the style Babcock uses. They just aren't good.

What does Monster have anything to do with scoring goals? You're grasping for straws here.

Cola doesn't even count, he's made of glass. We knew he was going to only play 25% of the games to begin with which he's going to be damn near close to that pace. I'll give you the defense for now because of all the injuries, but before them they were relatively the same as well.

I don't know why anyone would try to argue that this team hasn't been the same for the past couple years. It's the reason why they are in the shape they are in. This is the first year it looks a little different because of Lidstrom and Stuart leaving.

Saying they need time to 'gel' is just another excuse for a stagnant team. If anything they need to skate non-stop at practices, which they can't do because of how many games they play.

In my experience on the interwebz, the ones that say "if you understand [insertsubjecthere]" are the often the ones that don't know as much on it.

My simple arthimitic gave me this % of skaters that aren't new to the Red Wings team - 24/29 = 82.75%. I would argue that is majority of a roster, yes?

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