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Originally Posted by FSS View Post
What Clowe did last night was absolutely unacceptable, and I would have been furious with him if I was one of his teammates. 33 penalty minutes? Trying to destroy the penalty box with his stick & yelling at the ref? Getting out-muscled on a play, and his response is to hold the guys stick? Not to mention how much time we spent killing penalties instead of being in 5 on 5 situations. Just absolute amateur hour, and like someone else said, I don't expect this circus act from a 2nd line player. The one that irked me the most was him instigaiting a fight when we're up 2-0. Why would you do that, and risk swinging the momenteum to the Canucks? And what also irked me, is how many fans loved the Clowe show last night...that's not hockey, it's buffoonery.

There is no point in trading him now for the reason mentioned before (trade value too low). However, he needs to do two things. 1) Be moved to the 3rd line 2) Play like a PF instead of trying to live a dream that he's a slick stick handling & scoring Euro. He's holding back Havlat & Corture's production, because he doesn't have the same skill set & can't keep up with them (he hasn't looked like his legs are under him all season). If he plays a meat & potatoes game on the 3rd line, them we have a Stanley Cup caliber team...but he can't be on the 2nd line anymore (and no, I don't know who to promote...that's another problem).

Pumped the Sharks are 5-0, but we can't continue to have Clowe & the 2nd line be a black hole, especially when the non-production is due to Ben Eager like stunts.
Receiving soo many calls by a ref is total cause for him being upset. Yes some calls were deserved, but some were not. Clowe did not instigate the fight with ZK. he answered the call and beat the crap out of him. He also didn't get outmuscled on the other play, he was caught flat footed and was knocked down by sort of a cheapshot, so he marginally grabbed the other guys stick and gets called (there's reason to be upset there, the ref could have called the other guy for charging, but didn't). I could easily pick apart the other two 2nd liners games from last night too. It seems you have much too much criticism of just one player.

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