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Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
IF Wang actually plans on increasing payroll, we should be able to add quality players even if we get shut out by top UFAs. The trade market is always a good source for bringing in talent, and in an offseason where a lot of teams will be forced to trim payroll fat(some of which will probably be valuable fat), Wang/Snow should have even more options.

We have a lot of talent in our pipeline. We even have a handful of elite talent. Add in another high draft pick(which, as much as it pains me to say it, is probably likely) and there really should be no excuses for not bringing in veterans that can truly help this team.

Even if absolutey zero UFAs are interested in signing here, you'd have to think that Brock Nelson, Matt Donovan and the 5th overall pick in the draft would bring back a pretty good player. Not only is that a very good prospect, a good prospect and a potentially great prospect going away, but they bring virtually zero cap hits. Not to mention 2 out of 3(arguably 3 out of 3 depending on who is drafted) will be NHL ready.

Regardless of whether or not you or anyone would want to trade that kind of package, the point is that this team could bring in proven NHL talent if they really want to.
This is going to be the key this offseason. Not only will teams dump some quality players, but a lot of teams will be unable to bring in a significant UFA. Teams like the Rangers, Philly, Vancouver, Boston, Chicago, Montreal etc are going to have a hard enough time getting their own RFAs under the cap, let alone bringing in new players.

Players looking for a big payday won't have many options. If Wang is willing to spend, we should be able to bring in some players. The only problem is the UFA market is forward heavy, so Garth may have to sign a forward then trade some of our lower priced players/prospects to improve the D. Since the opportunities for improvement will be there this offseason, the team's performance next season should be the test for Snow.

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