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01-28-2013, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
what i see is a bubble team that moved up the draft when they wanted to, moved down the draft when they could, got an extra 1st round pick whenever possible, and some very keen trading (mcdonald, d'agostini, halak, steen and so on), but a playoff bubble team regardless.

and let's not forget the biggest reason for the blues success: Ken mother****ing Hitchcock.

even last year before he got hired as head coach, they were going nowhere fast. you don't need to have a long memory, just remember last season. then, enter superken and his 450 feet of non-trapping defensively responsible play: they go from basement to top dogs in the west in the span of weeks culminating in a deep playoff run.

anyways, i obviously was quite bored, enjoy ^
Blues had a couple of top picks. One who they traded away for a big part of their core. They made a trade for a young goalie as well. Their other top pick is their best player.

And I also mentioned Hitch... no doubt he's a huge factor.

As for them being a rebuild, yeah they are. But for the first time in a long time... so are we.
Originally Posted by Ginu View Post
The jury's still out on our play this season from my perspective:
-Markov has 4 out of 6 of our PPGs and is scoring at a 40% mark
-Our #1 line isn't producing
-Pacioretty is injured for 3-4 weeks
-We've had a lot of rest so far this season while other teams haven't. This'll change when we start playing more back-to-backs and 3 games in 4 nights.

The one thing I love is we're finally playing with some brute force.
All very true and we've had the easiest schedule in the league. One other thing we've got going for us though is Carey Price. That guy could get us to the playoffs by himself. I saw us as a bubble team at the start of the year and still feel that way. Getting off to a good start is a big plus though esp in a strike shortened season.

Assuming PK is staying, the real question is: Have we done enough to assemble a cup winning team for the future. Maybe we have. We have key people at three separate positions. We've got a good scoring winger and we've got a good crop of young defensemen coming up.

Personally, I'd rather us still stack the deck with prospects so that there's no doubt but with Galchenyuk staying and playing with with Gallagher that might be moot. Then again if you look at our schedule it gets brutal with the amount of games we play later on in the season so who knows? We've still got Markov who's knee could go at any second and we've got Max who's out four weeks. On the flipside PK could come back and Markov is playing better than ever and so is Price...

Your guess is as good as mine. Still not a fan of our forwards though, esp when Max isn't in the lineup.

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