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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
If I "ignored" anything its because its a Staples article. But even having wasted minutes of my life reading that I fail to see the conclusions or information you are stating above.

Plus, and Staples has a bad habit of this, the citation is unclear, where Staples is getting info from is unclear, and what is actually being stated is unclear.

As for misreading you are discombubulating yourself. The first quote is clearly about the city invoking the same ticket surcharge at Rexall, as will alledgedly occur at the new arena. The word "SAme" here is denoting same in both arenas going forward. Not same as in same as its always been.

In anycase your siding with an old Staples article vs an article last week?
Wow Replacement...are you sure you're Oilers fan? I thought anyone past a certain age would remember 'Ol Peter Pucks tactics:

Is the Financial Post good enough for you? Google is amazing if you care to put in 20 seconds worth of effort. The article is even from Mark Milke to boot!

Back in 1994, Edmonton city council agreed to a demand from then Oilers owner Peter Pocklington that a ticket tax be imposed on all events in that city’s coliseum. That money was then forwarded to Pocklington’s operations to help pay the Oilers’ annual rent at the then Northlands Coliseum.

In 1998, new team owners asked Edmonton to forgive that annual rent altogether and with this catch: They still wanted all ticket tax proceeds that came from Oilers’ ticket sales. Edmonton city council said “yes.”
How about an article by good old Paula Simons? Not a blog mind you, but another good 'ol honest article.

The city already collects a seven-per-cent tax on tickets sold at Rexall Place. The tax was first cooked up in 1994 as an inducement for then-Oilers owner Peter Pocklington, who was threatening to move the team. Today, the ticket levy generates about $7 million a year. Of that, roughly $3 million is given over to Northlands, while the other $4 million goes as a soft subsidy to the Oilers
So who's discombubulating here? Do you really think Staples is just making that stuff up? I guess by your thought process, Mark Milke and Paula Simons are just plain hacks creating figures out of thin air?

Are you going to continue with the ad hominem argument, or just realize the facts?

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