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01-28-2013, 04:43 PM
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Finally finished it.

Yeah. The ending is disappointing. After doing all the Homestead quests and taking care of the conversations and such, I ended up liking Connor more than I did on the first play through. In the main quest storyline he spends most of the game coming off as arrogant, whiny, and dependent on others. The Homestead stuff showed a different aspect.

I don't like how you finished Lee or Haytham either. Overall, I thought the game had the potential to be great and just fell short because of sketchy storytelling and gameplay choices at the wrong times. There wasn't anything as laughable bad as the tower defense, but lots of small decisions added up to really hold the game back. If they plan on having expansions, killing both Haytham and Lee was unwise. I thought those were really solid villains; hell, Haytham was pretty damned likable overall. They might have Darth Mauled themselves by killing him.

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