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Originally Posted by Hockey Crazy View Post
If Jones turns out to be as good as people say he will be, then he would certainly be worthy of the 1st overall pick. There are not a lot of big, smooth skating D out there.

However, you could argue that defense is harder to project to the pro level than offense, since there is more of a thinking game involved and less instinct. Many of the top defensive prospects have come from the mid-late first round recently, while the top centers drafted have been almost a sure bet. Personally I would go with MacKinnon.

It would be horrible to finally get #1 and then have it be the only bust in the last decade. I'm not saying Jones will be a bust, just that it would be fitting for it to happen to the Leafs.
It's unlikely IMO. Scouting has changed so much in the last twenty years that I think it would be highly unlikely that the number 1 overall pick busts.

My thinking is this. We need a number 1 center. We need someone to help Phaneuf. Which one is more of a need? I'm not sure but many people seem to think number one center, so I'll go with that.

At the end of the day the issue is this to me. You don't pass on a top 20 player for a top 30 player because the top 30 player fits a bigger need. The top 20 player will ultimately have more of an impact for you than the top 30 player will. That goes either way. If Jones is the BPA as judged by the Leaf scouts, then Jones is the player you take. If MacKinnon is the BPA as judged by them, you go with MacKinnon.

I argued before for taking MacKinnon first. That was because I thought he was the BPA (and argued for taking Barkov over Jones for the same reason). That is no longer the case in my mind.

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