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Originally Posted by UnrealMachine View Post
Great call. This was (slightly) before my time, but my friends and I get together on a regular basis to watch classic wrestling matches and I nominated one of their matches recently. Here is the list of matches we have watched:

As for defining moments, I'll try to keep this personal:

1. Wrestlemania 2 ad - This is my first wrestling memory that I can still vividly remember.
2. Randy Savage vs. Tito Santana (2/24/86) - First match that I can remember watching (there were others, but this is my earliest memory). I remember crying in bed about the ending.
3. Savage crushing Steamboat's larynx. Totally horrified me.
4. Hart Foundation defeating British Bulldogs via Danny Davis. Again, tears.
5. Formation of the Mega Powers.
6. Monday Night RAW on USA Network. I didn't have cable tv so this signaled the first (93-96) of the many wrestling hiatus' that I have taken.
7. Hogan joining the NWO (first time I ever seriously considered WCW).

There is alot of great matches on that list.

You wouldnt happen to have the match were the Japanese girl had to cut her own hair off after she lost in there, do you?

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