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Originally Posted by tntkid View Post
I am just stating my opinion.

I would take Couturier in a second over Scheifele.

Most posters are likely afraid to post anything negative about Scheifele's performance at an NHL level with so many yes men ready to attack.
I probably still would too... That wasn't the problem most were having. Just some of your statements were pretty extreme, exaggerated and some even impossible.

I don't take much into his very small sample size performance in the NHL...

Mark is playing 8ish minutes a game of even strength time predominately with Slater and Thorburn, and in a position that he only ever played at the WJC.
The Jets have been out chanced when he's on the ice but to a lesser degree than when Slater or Thorburn have been in their total time, but more so than Wright (who has been pushed into the defensive zone less than the previous three players).
Mark has created more offense as he's posted more SOG/GP than all 4 of the above players.

BUT, IMO he is "NHL ready" in the true wording of the meaning. He could probably play this season and even contribute but it would have to be in a very sheltered offensive minutes nature... and we already have that in Wellwood (not saying Scheifele or Wellwood deserve a spot). Frankly I don't think either Barrie or NHL will be far and above the other for his development as both have pros and cons. What I do think is what will make him a pro next season is power skating and 10-15 lbs.

He has his fair share of weaknesses and skating/balance are definitely them, but his progression in both pts/gp in Junior and what 3rd party scouts have recognized is very optimistic... and these guys don't have to be optimistic.

Just for example I'll show the progression and change from Hockey Prospectus:

August 31, 2011; Jets' Top 10 Prosepcts
The Good: Mark Scheifele had a good year from a counting statistics standpoint on a poor Barrie team and a good Under-18 tournament; his stock has come a ways over the course of the past season. Scheifele's puck skills are fine, and while he doesn't bring any form of flashy stick-handling or stretch passes to the table, he can handle the puck at a moderate level and make the right distributions while bringing the puck up the ice and on the power play. He also shows good puck protection skills along the side boards. Scheifele projects as a solid-average to above-average physical player as he has room to fill out even though he's already notably strong and works well along the walls. His hockey sense is above-average and it's what will drive his value towards the highest level, as he anticipates the flow of the game well, rarely turns the puck over, and plays well in his own zone.

The Bad: Scheifele is a low ceiling but highly projectable player without a true standout tool. His skating grades as below-average, and while his mechanics are fine, his feet are just somewhat heavy and he doesn't have an NHL-level top speed.

Projection: An average second line center who safely projects as a below-average second to above-average third line center.
November 23, 2011; Top 50 NHL Prospects
28. Mark Scheifele, Center, Winnipeg Jets (Previous Ranking: NR)

I admit I'm jumping on the bandwagon late, although I still have my skepticism about Scheifele's ultimate projection. The hockey sense is a legit plus tool and the puck skills are better than I gave him credit for, but the skating worries me and it's what likely keeps his projection at a good second line player.
August 8, 2012; Jets' Top 10 Prospects
The Good: Mark Scheifele has high-end hockey sense and is an absolutely fantastic playmaker. He makes plays with his hands and vision every single shift and can have the offense flow through him. Scheifele is a good defensive center who is very responsible and aware for a junior-aged player. When he fills out, he'll be a good physical player in terms of protecting the puck and winning board battles.

The Bad: Scheifele's skating showed notable improvement this season, even at times looking pro-average, but he can still look a little sluggish at times. He needs to gain a good amount of strength before he's fully ready for the top level.

Projection: He could be a below-average top line center.
January 6, 2013; Top 50 NHL Prospects
20. Mark Scheifele, Center, Winnipeg Jets (Previous Ranking: 28): Scheifele continues to improve his game and seems to be tracking well as a prospect. He has great offensive hockey sense and he seems to be getting an extra step or two as well. If he can be an average skater, that's all he'll really need.

Again, I would agree that Couturier is a better prospect, but to ignore that most evidence pointing that Scheifele will most likely become a solid NHLer is as silly as ignoring most evidence pointing out that Couturier will become a solid NHLer.

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