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01-28-2013, 05:16 PM
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Scott - the destroyer of groins - Gordon was fired.
Cappy was brought up.
I'm sure we all assumed, as did Snow, that Cappy would be the interim coach.
Then the Isles went on a tear the second half of the 2011 season.
I think Snow attributed the tear the Isles were on to Cappy's coaching. (Letting the players play and not being so locked into a tight system.)

So....Cappy was given another shot last year. Could this be because of how well the Isles did? Could be. Could it be because Wang doesn't want to spend money on a "real" coach? Could be. Could it be because no "real" coach wants to go to the Isles? Could be.

So, we fans are now stuck with Cappy behind the bench and so is the team.

Why can't we hold onto leads?

The coach.
The coach can't inspire or lead the team to finish out.
With Gordon I think it was a reluctance to deviate from his system and the Isles just tiring out.
With Cappy, I think its ineptitude.

When my dad was big into hockey, he's say, "Al Arbor would call the boys over, talk to them for a minute, and the whole approach to the game would change. They'd trap...or they'd dump and chase...they'd just change it up when needed." I don't think Cappy has that command over the team.

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