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01-28-2013, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by dredeye View Post
TB has had a quietly good off season. They may be trouble for us this year.
I'm not sure I agree. I think that they still got worse in the short term.

They replaced Pena with Loney, which is basically a wash.

They traded Shields and didn't replace him with another pitcher of similar calibre. Yes they have guys in the system moving up in the pecking order, but they also lost Wade Davis out of there too. Even if Hellickson keeps going at his current pace and Moore takes another step, they're still worse off than they were before.

and they lost Upton for nothing. Myers is coming in, but it seems like he won't be up with the Rays for at least part of the season.

Escobar is an improvement, but not a game-changer. And Kelly Johnson is a modest/largely not impactful either.

Really, if everything breaks just right they will be somewhat better. But realistically they'll either be about the same or a bit worse at least until Myers comes up and they can see if he's everything he's cracked up to be right away.

That said, if you quantify the off-season as being good for the long-term, I agree somewhat since they got something of pretty signficant value in Myers by dealing from their strongest/deepest position.


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