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01-28-2013, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Pcmm View Post
(well OK it was last Friday) I managed to collide with a forward on the other team who probably has 60lbs on me! We came to complete solid stop with me embedded in the boards in front of the bench! I have 3 bruised ribs to prove it! I really need to work on my stops! All this after a friend texted me saying I was due to hit someone that night ( first year playing puckup or any form of hockey!!)

its all good we had a good laugh! and kept playing!

I'm just happy everyone tolerates my absolute lack of skill!!
Glad you had fun haha.

I would do alot of free skates before jumping right back into any hockey though just for safety of yourselves and of other players.

3 bruised ribs doesn't sound all that great and it could've been worse.

Go watch the How To Hockey videos on YouTube for some great lessons on how to stop and everything else essential in hockey. Also Hockey Tutorials (juvenilee6) has some really good videos. I've talked to both and they are great guys. Very friendly and will help you out any time you need it. I even won a contest on How To Hockey which was pretty cool.

Good luck and God speed. The best rule in hockey: always have fun.

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