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Originally Posted by BradD View Post <<< This is NOT grip, it is clear composite

Go for it if you want, i've heard great things about this stick and the only reason I didn't buy it is because I went Total One.

$102 with 15 dollar shipping unless you can find it in a shop near you.

That's still 40 dollars or so less than Total Hockey is selling it.
Thx. Yeah I reeeally wished I could have found a TO w/ a P92 curve to get a true comparison to my other sticks, but closest I could find was the P91A. It's "almost" as good but it fails miserably for me on snappers, no idea why but I suspect it's due to the curve/twist being too close to the heel. So anyway, I'll keep the TO as my backup stick I guess.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Yep I went P14, check out that thread for my thoughts on the curve. It seems pretty good, but I keep wanting a bit more height on my shots.

If you're dropping down in flex, the Warrior feels stiffer than average (to me at least) because it's a low kick, so it will not be so drastic. I think you'll like it. Puck feel is great. Durability is hit or miss for some people but it's worth it for $100 I think.

Nexus is just crazy expensive. $ They need a Nexus 800 at the $150 price point that weighs ~ 460-470g (right between the 600 and 1000).
I apparently am unfazed by crazy expensive sticks, and it became an unfortunate obsession of mine last year. Went through 2 APXs and an RBZ in about 10 months. Ugh.

Btw does the Burrows curve = Zetterberg/PM9? Looking at grabbing a Widow for the wifey as well, she rolls with the Zetterberg. Thanks guys.

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