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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
I don't know what it is about the sniper rifles..

I always seem to just barely miss the one hit kill spot and that usually ends up getting me killed.
You'll have a better time rocking the more powerful SR's (bolt action one especially).

With that, aim center mass and it's an almost guarantee you're get the OHK. With the semi-auto SR's, it's going to be alot tougher.

Unless you play HC, then any SR is a OHK.

Originally Posted by devils4cup View Post
So whats everyone's feelings on new map packs.

The biggest negative for me is that all the elite players almost always move on to the new maps while noobs and casual players may or may not want to spend the extra cash.

Every time I have picked up new maps in other FPS games i tend to have a crappier gaming experience because i always end up (lets say 90% of my games) on a team against super clans where i constantly and thoroughly get my ass kicked. I rarely play in a full clan so it's hard to continually go up against an organized group and even be somewhat successful.

That's usually the case. But you'll still see alot of non-hardcore gamers get the map packs. I usually run solo or with my good RL buddy, and we do more than fine once a map pack comes out. Though, when we enter a lobby and see a bunch of guys with elite clan tags, we normally back out because we don't want to bother.

Worse comes to worse, wait a month and get it at the same time as the ps3 players. You'll have more less committed gamers catching up and getting the map pack and it will be a less stressful time.

Though, I do like to get the map packs right away to learn the maps before the rest.

I also just realized that MW3 was the first COD I never got a map pack for. Got pretty tired of that game quickly.

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