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01-28-2013, 05:41 PM
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Thanks, I've been doing a lot of fee skating, and playing. Maybe I should qualify. I can stop, turn, etc. it's just I haven't got the reacts times down and some elements are weaker. Eg I can stop on my left side better than right. If I'm close to the boards and a player tries to deke around me. He'll have not problem. I don't have the reacts time to get the sudden changes of direction happening. Most of the guys are really good about giving me tips, etc. I'm working from a sports deficit! My family is not the slightest bit athletic and had no interest in it. I've started playing because a friend suggested it would be fun (and he's right, it is!) until this year I hadn't ever skated this much in a single season! I'm getting better, and having a blast, just occasionally I still do something monumentally stupid! It comes with the territory. I never got to play as a kid so I'm making the kid type mistakes now!

Mostly I think that's what happened to me last Friday. I was too close to the boards to switch it up and the other guy just committed to the direction he wanted to go!

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