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01-28-2013, 05:42 PM
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I watched Hall of Fame goaltending here in Edmonton over the years and dont remember many still wet behind the ears goalies who hadnt achieved a hill of beans yet making innuendos that their workmates were collectively lazy after they were blown out. Danis deserved a start after his excellent two periods and Dubby needed a night off after his meltdown, if we let this kid start using excuses now before he is even established we are in for trouble. Dubynk looked very shaky on most of his goals against this year,he is being caught down and immobile, teams have a lot of big goaltenders to learn from in the league right now and they are simply outworking Dubby, for a big tender Dubby is a cream-puff between the pipes, he is like a kitten. When a man with Dubby size fails to establish himself and relys on the refs to do it for him it is like an MMA fighter failing the submission or knockout and leaving it up to the judges who as we all know might do anything under the sun on any given night. Dubynk has no "sphere of influence" around his crease which he protects like a yard-dog with his body, BIG stick--hint-hint, teeth or whatever it takes and he determines the respect level opponents give him based on this dimension of his game, Dubby gets one penalty every ten games to defend himself with or pay forward and he needs to start using them. Dubbys aggressive tactics including simply snapping and using his size to level someone will always give our d-men a reason to engage and not take extra penaltys because when you mess with a goalie the opposition gets a mulligan in the penalty department, if the d-man just overreacts aggressively he will take penaltys but in defense of his tender he can take libertys.

I want to see Danis again, and sooner than later, Dubynk played way better when he was hungry, if we had simply played the hottest hand then Danis would maybe still be in net for us for all we know. SJ didnt exactly mail those last two periods in.

It is all irrellevant because my gut says Luongo will soon be in town and then we will have a number 1 and a 1A, and Luongo will be the starter likely backed by Khabby and Danis.Had Vancouver had Khabby they might have cup rings, he is perfect to back up a tender like Luongo who plays better with more work in the regular season and provide a different look during the Playoffs. I sadly think Van will want Dubby in a trade. I see Whitney-Dubby/Horcoff-and Tuebert going west and Luongo a bag of pucks and a Stanley Cup coming east to us.

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