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Originally Posted by UnrealMachine View Post
Interesting that you would mention that. When we watched it I had no knowledge about the match going in, and, from the aesthetics/quality of the video plus the sheer level of violence, I was under the impression that it was from the mid/late 90's. Afterwards, when they told me it was from 1985 my mind was blown and I honestly didn't believe them until I looked it up myself.
Around that time frame Meltzer was going off about the girls in Japan and how they were basicly on another level in terms of ring work. Now, this was when the E was in full Hulkamania mode. There was one tape made that was three hours long just filled with some of the best wrestling I have ever seen, one of which was a 60 minute broadway that was just spot after spot after spot with no rest holds, just a complete spot fest from the second it started until it ended and you could tell at the end they were both borderline stroke ready. I know Nagayo was on of the wrestlers in it.

I gotta find that tape.........

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