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Originally Posted by 4evaBlue View Post
Orr was in the lineup for that game.

Yes, yes, the much debated Grabo not looking where he's going and skating into Neil play. He's prone to those bonehead suicidal plays as we've seen in the past. That doesn't necessarily make them cheapshots.

We had Rosehill warming the bench during this bout. Are you saying that Orr warming the bench in his stead would have made things much different?

These are the exact kind of spur of the moment events that a player who's benched for 57 mins of a game won't be able to do much about. Do you think Gleason would have fought Orr in the 2nd or the 3rd had he been in the lineup?

Orr was in the lineup for this game, the notorious night when Lebda went -3 in a 9-3 win. This is just Colby doing his job. Trolling players into penalties while turtling. It's unfortunate that he got poked in the eye during the process.

A coach who will stick up defend his players? I know, I know, after Wilson, not everyone is used to it, but it's not like Carlyle will call Orr out for being a plug. The icetime he gives him speaks louder than words ever could.

So you've managed to look up some fights from during the stretches when Orr was supposedly demoted. The fact that Orr was actually dressed for two of those fights just goes to prove my point that much more. Him warming the bench had no effect on Armstrong getting sucker punched, or Phaneuf getting trolled by Kaleta.

Here are some more examples of our stars/skilled players being forced to fight their own battles against plugs, and our prospect(s) (Schenn) getting beaten up while Orr, and Mayers/Excelby/Brown are sitting on the bench.

Fisher vs Versteeg (with Orr and Brown in the lineup)

Phaneuf vs Horton (with Orr and Brown in the lineup)

Phaneuf vs Newbury (with Orr in the lineup) why does our captain have to "fight" 4th line plugs with an enforcer present?

Schenn vs Glass (with Orr, Excelby, and Mayers in the linup) Great job protecting our prospects.

Schenn vs Neil (with Orr and Mayers in the lineup)

Kessel vs Russel (with Orr and Mayers in the lineup)

Phaneuf vs White (with Orr, and Excelby in the lineup)

Here's the thing, I have nothing against fighting, and nothing against Orr (other than the fact that he can't play the game at the NHL level). As a matter of fact, I love fights that are fueled by emotion and happen in the heat of the game. These staged fights where both combatants nod to each other before dropping the gloves pale in comparison.

When I think of protecting our young players/stars, I think of Phaneuf getting mugged RIGHT AFTER he rode Tavares into the boards. Orr cannot provide this for the club with his 3 mins of icetime. His staged fights are not doing much, as you can tell from above examples, our prospects/skilled players were forced to take matters into their own hands, often during games where Orr had already had a fight.

At the end of the day, I don't believe goons who can only play 3-5 mins a night bring much to the table, other than the sideshow entertainment of staged fights.
Firstly, that Garbo hit was a cheapshot. It just so happened that Neil lowered his shoulder and connected with Garbo right? Give me a break!

Rosehill does not bring the intimidation factor that Orr does. Case closed.

Really? A punch to face causing a broken nose is a spur of the moment thing? Not really it hardly if ever happens. If another team did that now, next shift Orr would find a punching bag mark my words.

Cowardly move by Eager knowing hed be out of the game and would not have to man up. He's been known to do that throughout his career. And it can't be Orrs fault Wilson didn't play him much after to do anything.

Also to the fights you posted, Schenn went after Neil for the fight, to stick him up for himself and other team mates. Kid has heart but was outclassed, right after this Orr and Crackner went, with Orr dropping him. All the other ones were fights off the draw, except the Phaneuf hit (which he destroyed White in the fight by the way) and the Versteeg one which was caused by Versteeg elbowing Fisher after a hit to start the fight. Nothing wrong with two guys agreeing to fight. None of the examples you posted really needed Orr to do anything cause the guys agreed to fight. If two guys want to go and they agree to it, its not a dirty or cheap shot play that deserves retribution. Unless one guy gets pummeled with shots after the fight and gloats the other teams bench. The only one you got a case on is the Newbury and Phaneuf one. Look at the stats of the game, we were being the more physical tea, and Newbury wanted to send a message.. Orr went on after and was begging for a fight but the Rangers wouldn't until he gooned it up with a nasty slash and roughed up a defense men and got kicked out of I remember correctly. Even after the game Tort's said that he was worried about his players cause of what Newbury did and how Orr was running around after that for some payback.

Fair enough, on the ones Orr was in line up for. But keep in mind Wilson didn't chose to retaliate last year. The two first years teams were rarely taking shots at us. He did not want to us to respond that way and he even said it. With quotes like " I don;t want to play the tough game, I want the speed game". " I don't care how big and fast you are its who gets to the puck first'. With Carlyle if you screw around with us, I guarantee you the next shift Orr and Brown are out there. Remember when Wilson had balls in the 2009/2010 season, when Carcillo was running around until Orr paid him a visit and after that he was quite. Or when Gaustad took a run at Kessl a few minutes later Orr pummels him and for the rest of the game the Sabres are quite. Gee I wonder why!

Also here are some other examples of leafs getting dummied. Couldn't find the video, but Travis sure didn't mind going after Kessel with No Orr in the lineup.

Or how about last year, when Matt Crackner was roughing up Joey Crabb behind the play.

Or how about Mr.Downie He is one of those guys who is very quite when the other team is tough. Notice he never does crap against Boston.

Have you forgot the Boston and Phili games when they were targeting Kessel and Phaneuf. Getting into their faces and hitting them every time they could.

Face it without Orr and Brown in the line up our team is softer then jello. They are fourth line guys that keep the other team in check, and play decently for a fourth line to. Also fighting has gone up this year, we need to be armed. So far this year there has been 96 major penalties this season, at same point last season, 48. Check the stats bud, It's going to be a tough year, I'd rather have Orr on the team then not!

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