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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
More Orr,

I agree on the status issue. And, I agree on the Vancouver issue. But, that still doesn't answer the very real question of "What happens if PHX moves to QUE?" Now, the East is going to be a big fight among the 17 ETZ teams. You know that. I know that. The west, of course, fits a little easier, but it gets dicey to fill the end of it. Like I have posted before:

Even if Vanc moves to the Pacific, without PHX, the Pacific must look like this:
The Mountain Central must look like this:
The Midwest must look like what?:
2 of DAL/CHI/STL, NASH, and..... Who?? Remember, needs 2 teams....

Which is why I am sure that the issue can't be solved until the end of the PHX situation is resolved.
Oh for sure, MNN, if the Coyotes were to be relocated to Quebec City then regardless of how the West could be dealt with, the East becomes a serious problem; and that's what we were referring to earlier. The thing is though, is a Coyotes relocation to Quebec City still now a serious fear in the League, on two fronts: 1) whether the Coyotes will still need to be relocated (at least in the near future), and 2) if so, does the League now have a western relocation destination that wouldn't upset Eastern alignment?

Originally Posted by Grudy0 View Post
But that just provides another reason why the NHL voted to scrap the two-conference, six-division alignment.
That's exactly what he's referring to, I believe.

Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post
Jamison signs the lease, as has been rumored, MNN, BY 1/31, then the PHX issue is resolved....
There you go, well at least temporarily. So then, can many of the West issues be dealt with without resorting to the unbalanced 4-Division idea? Still here believing that it was the fear of a Coyotes relocation to Quebec City which was the primary impetus for the 4-Division proposal (though now pandora's box has been opened, and Leopold, among others, might fight to keep it open).

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