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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
At the end of the day, it's Holmgren's fault. It's been incredibly obvious for ages what sort of player Leighton is. Holmgren somehow can't see that, or refuses to see it.
I realize most of us don't think Homer is the sharpest tool in the shed (ie. mistakes with the CBA multiple times), but does anyone think it's possible that maybe Homer signed Leighton so that Bryz went into this season confident that he was the #1 guy without question?

I think all the pressure of the cameras, and the Winter Classic, and the Philly media, and having Bob pushing for a starting spot (which Bob openly admitted in the preseason) really got to Bryz last year and fueled his struggles.

Leighton is a sharp contrast to Bob in that he's older and knows he will never again be the starter for an NHL team. He's not a threat at all.

Maybe Homer just wanted to create the most stress-free environment for Bryz to give him a chance to play well? I realize that would mean that Homer is basically jettisoning the team's chances of winning on nights when the backup plays in hopes that our starter turned around his performance from last season, but like I said, nobody ever accused Homer of being the best GM on the planet.

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