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01-28-2013, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Predaleafs View Post
oh yea, because Burke did nothing for the Marlies. He didnt acquire 90% of the Calder Cup finalist last year and one of the favorites to win it this year. Burke was to busy parading the streets of Toronto so a whole group of people can have rights, you and i have.

What an idiot Burke was for fighting through the death of his son to do his job all the while forgetting the pressure that was put on him by a buttload of fans that say lets tank we can handle it, yet create stupid threads like why arnt we winning.

Plus, that Kessel guy he brought in stunk, a 25 year old coming off 4 straight 30-goal season, all the while battling CANCER AND MONO!

Why not try to bring in picks, so we can watch these guys turn into a player as good as Kessel only to cry to trade them.

Burke filled the cupboard, maybe not with the best, but he did a hell of a good job. The only reason, and ill repear ONLY REASON, he got fired was because he mistakenly thought this was a 2-4 year thing. It needed more time, but saying he left this team was then it was is just plain stupid. He may not have been the best, but he by far was not the worst.

And to all the other idiots complaining he was in the parade, IT WAS FOR HIS DEAD SON. people mourn in different way. This was his. He didnt take time off, he was still in touch with the other 3 guys who could manage his signings. The reason we didnt sign the big name stars is for the reason they asked to much, not because Burke was trying to make equal rights for Homosexuals a thing!Idiots
His work is yet to be fully judged, as we're yet to see those prospects finish developing, but Brian Burke, the man..... You couldn't have any better as the President of your hockey club.

He's a 1st class fellow, who did great work in the community, and increased the team's impact off the ice.

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