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01-28-2013, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Bubba88 View Post
Tillman could get an extension with restructure of his contract. Would lower his Cap Hit.
Same could happen with Cutler.
Pretty much zero chance of this. While Tillman has good grounds for an extension and can probably get a deal that will lower his cap hit, Cutler isn't in that same situation. His salary is likely to go up no matter where he ends up (if the Bears don't want to extend him after next season). Not many Starting caliber QBs in the NFL taking pay cuts these days. 32 year old DBs? That's more likely.

I wonder if Peppers is going to get another restructure soon. When I saw his deal first signed, it screamed to me "Get 3 good years out of the guy and then waive him." His deal really escalates over the next 3 seasons, beyond what is really reasonable for his position. Still, not sure you can warrant extending it another 2 years beyond where it is to smooth that cap hit out. His is going to be an interesting decision, because right now, if he is healthy, he's still a beast. But here are his cap hits by year:

2012 (last season): $12.4M
2013: $16.4M (Age 33)
2014: $17.4M (Age 34)
2015: $18.4M (Age 35)


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