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01-28-2013, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Petes2424 View Post
Nobody here has said Quincey hasnt been tremendously better the last couple of games.

You however continue to rip on Smith and there's just no justification for it. It honestly makes you sound like you have this complete personal dislike for everyone on the Wings D except for Quincey, which is nothing short of strange. Or, you just dont know hockey at all. There arent many other choices.
Or the 3rd choice would be I actually am able to, unlike many here, watch the game without rosy color glasses. I said Smith has been underwhelming since this year in the AHL. How is that wrong? Anyone that doesn't have an emotional "hope" that he is the DRWs savior on D will tell you he's underwhelming this year. Red Wings were making excuses by saying "oh he's sick of the AHL so that's why he's struggling, he's ready for the big league", then go on to blame Holland. Then Smith comes up to the NHL this season and has looked lost. He isn't that good.

Btw, how's that Justin Schulz kid doing?

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