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01-28-2013, 07:23 PM
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Time for some CONSIPARY THEOWIES! 100% of the following has been pulled out of my ... nose?

Alright. Here it is. My buddies and I were talking about this over the weekend, and after many beers it somewhat started to maybe make an ounce of sense. What if all the negatives about Subban were not overstated, but were in fact understated? Many of us have played hockey or other sports, and there is always a kid on the team that no one else really likes. Sometimes, we hate that kid, and the reasons are rarely good. The NHL is probably no different.

It is possible that Bergevin talked to a few key veterans (like Markov, and ummm...Gionta? Plekanec?) and that the response wasn't positive. Now do you want to reward a real headcase with a baller contract for DiPietroish years? Nope. You tell your problem to fix his ... sheet, to suck it up and to gain the respect of others. He has two years to do so, then he is still RFA. Such is life, seniority sucks.

Of course, this is a conjecture. But what would happen if it were true? Well, for one, the head case would want none of it, and he would ask for the moon, or Doughty money. Ain't nobody be makin mo' money than PK on this team, nuh-uh! Headcase. Now imagine that the headcase player has a headcase agent. Oh snap! We have a problem. The agent might even convince his client that he has the upper hand and this affair. RFA? Please, FA is all that matters!

Bergevin has the upper hand, and he knows it. You all should know it too. If he wants to test PKs long term suitability on the team, he will insist on the bridge. If PK refuses, he will shop his ass. Losing PK would suck, but you have to give to receive, and other teams shall give. Who knows, this could be our Kessel trade? Then again, it could be our [Roy, Gomez, Leclair, Chelios] trade!

So, yeah.

TL;DR: There is a non-zero probability that PK is in fact a hated douchecanoe that no one likes and that the Habs don't really want him around. Interpret non-zero as you wish.

EDIT: YEAH I POSTED THIS RIGHT WHEN PK SIGNED. I'll keep it up so that you can all marvel at my amazing grasp on the situation.

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