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Originally Posted by Booya42 View Post
Wow Replacement...are you sure you're Oilers fan? I thought anyone past a certain age would remember 'Ol Peter Pucks tactics:

Is the Financial Post good enough for you? Google is amazing if you care to put in 20 seconds worth of effort. The article is even from Mark Milke to boot!

How about an article by good old Paula Simons? Not a blog mind you, but another good 'ol honest article.

So who's discombubulating here? Do you really think Staples is just making that stuff up? I guess by your thought process, Mark Milke and Paula Simons are just plain hacks creating figures out of thin air?

Are you going to continue with the ad hominem argument, or just realize the facts?
OK, seems like I'm confused on that and wrong. Good job, I'm wrong. Surrender. My apologies.

Hopefully the Oilers fare better in the game tonight then I am on this topic.

Trouble is at may age you forget more than you knew.. I probably even read that PS article before.

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