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01-28-2013, 06:29 PM
The Washer
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I blame us lazy fans mostly. You want Ruff gone, boycott, stop buying tickets and snacking on 50% off merchandise. You /we are all guilty of enabling this to continue. Until this enabling stops, Ruff will not go anywhere. Maybe poor merch/concession sales and half empty stands is what it will take. Its like the Mafia for COL and you know, they NEVER, voluntarily leave. #GoodFellas

1. Do nothing
2. Increase your wealth
3. Ruff headache gone

If you cannot do this, than I can only surmise, that Ruff for you, has not reached migraine state yet or its obvious you have a weird, S&M style love for him. Either way its put up or shut up time "Fire Ruffers". Put down that credit card and this painful, pounding headache will be gone for life . #Promise #PinkySwear

Move to the "Fire Ruff" crowd.

Disclaimer: Not that I have had a reason, to want Sabres gear for the last few years, I have no current Sabres merch. As much as I want a Grigs jersey, I have since decided to hold off. Seems like a poor investment in a bad product right now.

#AcheBeGone #OnSaleNow #FreeWithCashBack!!!


Suggested replacements: Patrick, Patrick, and Rollzy

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