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Originally Posted by Elysian View Post
Only observation I've made is that most teams in the West have terrible announcers, at least when compared to Ralph and Razor.
Interestingly, they're among my least favorite. Razor seems like a cool guy outside of the broadcast booth, but I don't care for his trying-way-too-hard analyst schtick.

By contrast, people complain about the homerism of the Sharks announcers and even though I'm not a Sharks fan, I think they're among the best in TV. Still, that's not saying much, as the bottom line is that most TV announcers, even Canadian ones, aren't very good.

I think that's why I appreciate John Kelly for the Blues. I don't love his play-by-play, and his "un-be-lievable" and "thank you, thank you, thank you" things are so forced and weak. HOWEVER, he does his homework. Dude knows even the tweener players on every team and is incredibly prepared with stats and info and accurate observations. Some of that is overall production and the booth feeding stuff to him, but when you listen to 90% of other broadcasts, the announcers just don't even try. Half the time, the dude just says the name of the other team instead of the actual player.

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