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Originally Posted by IslesNorway View Post
A team spending close to the cap will obviously have an advantage over one that struggles to reach the floor. That is pretty obvious. But which ever you look at it, the problem still remains: NO BIG FREE AGENT WOULD SIGN WITH THE ISLANDERS!!

There is little point in dreaming of the Suter's or Parise's of this world or any other big name. Garth tried many times over and never succeeded and the way some people always say "sign him" or "trade for him" it seems as if they think they're at the supermarket picking and choosing what to get. It would be easy for Snow to empty the cupboard for immediate help but there's a reason he won't do that.

In a few years the Isles will be closer to the cap than we'd like to acknowledge because in a few years Moulson, Hamonic, Amac and others will be in for big paydays.
MM is getting 3.1 so i don't know if he will be on the receiving end of a huge pay increase. Hammonic is a RFA after the season and making 875k he is up for a big raise and Amac has 1 more year at 500k and then he would be up for a huge raise also. My point was simply to say if you don't want to part with the money do not expect sellouts and huge sales on the NHL website for jerseys etc. You have to spend money to make money. I also understand that SMG has a stranglehold over concessions at the arena but he still makes money on tickets and concessions outside NVMC. Point of this is i can't really blame Snow because he does not control the spending that's Wang prerogative (no correlation to Bobby Brown)

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