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Originally Posted by King Woodballs View Post
Are we seriously still on this Couturier vs Scheifele thing?
i dare say this one will crop op eternally unless schiefele becomes a clear "better" player.

edit on pavs hating vs shiefele hating.

If you look at the post critiquing Pav's, they are generally based on statistical analysis and are a breakdown on what's actually happened: "has Pav's let down the team, or has the team let down Pav's" and looks at realistic expectations. i don't think anyone says "Pav's is going to be a big let down for the jets." or "Pav's will never be better then a backup" or "Chevy should be fired for giving Pavelec the contract he did".

When you look at the arguments presented against Schiefele, the rhetoric generally falls more in line with this. Based off nothing but opinion(which should not be a defence that should make a post immune to scrutiny) and tea leaves, posts detract schiefele as becoming "a third liner tops" or "a good depth player in the AHL", or "less then jets management expect" (did chevy say what he expects schiefele to become in the future, i don't remember that interview...).

that's where my frustration comes from anyways....

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