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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
I complain that Bergevin low balled our best young player into a hold out and signed him to a bridge deal that makes no sense. I haven't changed my mind. I was against the bridge deal from day #1. And I thought this should have been done before season started. I guarantee you that the 0.5M Bergevin won in this negotiation wasn't worth the hold out and bad blood. But people will understand this later.
LOL!! Our best young player?? I think Price and a few other players may have something to say about that.

You are just ticked off because MB made a sound decision to negotiate hard with an RFA instead of giving him what he wanted. A bridge contract is a valid protocol prior to a long term deal. How does this cap hit and contract make no sense for the Habs?

Subban will still be an RFA after this deal. Then you make a long term deal based on the next couple of years of performance. If not, he should be easy to sign since he is an RFA and it's so easy to sign those guys according to you.

What MB won in this deal is not .5M, it's a baseline for future negotiations on this team.

Bad blood? If Subban wants to stay he the right price. If not, he'll leave...for the right price.

It's all a business and not about how you feel about bridge contracts. The only thing people will understand later is how much time they spent debating posters with "give players whatever they want" mentalities. It's hard to draw the line between Hab fans and player fans on this board sometimes.

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