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Originally Posted by BlameSubban View Post
I've been a leafs fan watching this team loss after loss and keep watching regardless of the inevitable outcome. As all of you are well aware its been almost 10 years now since they last made the playoffs, and around 4 years since they have even had a sniff of being in contention late in the season to make the playoffs. Yes, we have gotten rid of all the players in the JFJ era and have no existing leafs that have been on the team for longer then 4 seasons. The fact of the matter is that the current players on the leafs have been part of a losing culture and have been poisoned by this. Players regress in Toronto (to the exception of a couple like Lupul) and the effect of a losing poisoned team does wonders on that regression. Toronto has started to be known as a goalie and prospect killer with goalies like Raycroft [albeit he was awful in his last year in Boston] Toskala...etc and prospects like Schenn, Pogge, Tlusty, Steen Colaiacavo. Raycroft, Toskala, Pogge are all out of the league and Steen, Tlusty, Colaiacavo (who were traded for peanuts) have all become very solid NHL players.

I know none of this is stuff is stuff that you have not heard before but it's just outlining the frustration of this franchise. Young players are bad on the leafs because we rush and development them terribly, leave the franchise and become good NHLers. Burke's flawed model of rebuilding this team through trade and lousy free agent signings, was, flawed. With a new GM who doesn't have insane principles and ridiculous stubbornness it is time to start of with a clean slate and whip this roster.

Kessel, Lupul (when healthy), Grabovski, MacArthur, Gunnarsson, Phaneuf are the main 6 guys who could get you some serious value. I'm not gonna throw around some trade proposals on value but it's somewhat undebatable that those above players mentioned could bring in a, large, handful of first, second round draft picks and prospects. The only chance this franchise has of rebuilding is getting rid of the losers, and brining in young talent that has not learned to only lose.
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