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I'm new to this section of the boards so sorry if my questions have already been asked and answered.

I wanted to ask for some general advice on how players usually develop. I'm in my third Be A GM season now and I'm playing every game myself and not simming anything, so it all moves along sloooooowly and I don't want to waste any time trying to develop players there is actually no hope for. It's a real pain to try and google this stuff though so I'm asking here...

1. First of all, how do 2 1/2 star players usually develop? I know probably none of them will become good NHLers, but where do they usually top out, given that they are drafted with a normal Overall-Skill like around 60. As it probably is for most people my Prospect-Pool if full of those players who were drafted in the later Rounds. I've given up on 2 star players but what about the 2 1/2 star guys? And is there a general rule of thumb for other star ratings as well (3, 3,5, 4 etc)?

2. What role does green/red potential play? Does it just display the likelihood a player reaches his potential, does it have an influence on development speed or does it basically increase/decrease the star-rating? I currently have a few players with green potential (1x4 stars, 1x3,5, 1x3) and one with red potential (3,5 stars) and haven't noticed much difference in their development speed so far.

3. Does it make a difference if you develop a player in the NHL/AHL/CHL/Europe? For example is it better to give someone an extra year in Juniors or have him play Bottom-Six in the AHL? I haven't really been able to recognize a patter there so far. I've seen Grigorenko jump from 64 to 71 and then from 71 to 75 while in Juniors (I'm using an older File where he only has 3 1/2 stars). Another Junior (Tyler King, 3 1/2 Stars) jumped from 66 to 76 in just one season as well while playing in Juniors. On the other hand many of my Prospects, especially the one in the 57-65 range (most of them with 2 1/2 stars) have only progressed very slowly, just gaining a point or two a season. Is it just because of the stars? Or do players with good skills like 65+ usually develop great in Juniors but those with a lower Overall rating never get out of the cellar?
And what about the AHL, where I can actually control playing time via the lines. I've seen Rasmus Ristolainen (3 1/2 stars, signed as an 18 year old immediately after the Draft) jump from 70 to 79 in one season after spending his first year on the top-pairing. Other players with similar or better star ratings (Pysyk and Armia with 4, some other with 3 1/2 or 3), who had lower Overall-Skills though (around 65) and therefore played smaller minutes have developed much slower so far though, only gaining about 2-4 points each season. Does so much depend on playing time? Or is this just a coincidence.

4. I guess most of the stuff above comes down to this final question: Is a players Overall Skill actually much more important than his potential in Stars? Because it kinda looks like it's almost impossible to develop players who aren't at least at 65 Overall and play big minutes right away. It seems like it's very tough to slowly bring someone in pro-shape and that you have to force-feed them big minutes instead so they develop. Is that assumption correct or is that some mistake I am making while managing the team? Or is my point of view just skewed because of all the 2 1/2 players who are actually very crappy and I just don't know it yet?

5. And to end it all, I'd like for your thoughts on some prospects. Are they actually worth developing or should I try to trade them?

- Nathan Pancel (20 years, 4 stars green, 57 Overall, just drafted, in Juniors)
- A bunch of pretty similar players (18-20 years, 3 1/2 years, all around the 57-62 Overall range, just drafted, in Juniors)
- Brett Connolly (22 years, 4 stars, 76 Overall, traded for and currently in the AHL)
- Joel Armia/Mark Pysyk (21/22 years, 4 stars, 68/69 Overall, played in the AHL for one/two years but have developed pretty slowly so far)
- Geoffrey Spencer (20 years, 3 1/2 Stars, 69 Overall, just drafted and signed to an AHL-contract)
- Jerome Gauthier-Leduc (22 years, 3 1/2 Stars Red, 64 Overall, starts his 2nd year in the AHL)
- Zemgus Girgensons (20 years, 3 Stars Green, 68 Overall, played two years in the AHL but has developed slowly so far, created manually since he didn't exist in the original file)
- Ken Appleby (Goalie, 19 Years, 3 1/2 Stars, 56 Overall, drafted a season ago at 52 Overall, in Juniors)
- Nathan Lieuwen (Goalie, 23 Years, 3 Stars, 67 Overall, starts his 2nd AHL-season)

Thanks in advance, I know it's a pretty long post

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