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01-28-2013, 08:36 PM
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I'm not totally down on Rupp yet. As a fan of the fighters of the game I appreciate what he does for the Rangers. Coming in, I knew he was a guy that wasn't going to win em all. He's just not that kind of fighter. He's always been knows as a player that can fight, Not an enforcer. So with that said, he's not going to put fear into anyone. He'll stand up for his guys and against the better fighters or true heavyweights he'll like lose. Against the middle tiered fighters he'll probably get a few in there before he loses balance and goes down.

One thing that I am not a huge fan of though is this.

I think your 4th line needs to have a little **** and vinegar infused into it. 3 guys over the age of 30 to me just isn't going to cut it in that department. Get a kid in there. Some fresh legs. A guy that is going to make some noise in his 5-7 mins of ice time. A guy that is going to get you two or three hits per game. Rupper in 5 games has 5 hits. He's 6'5 247. If he wanted to he can put someone through the glass. He needs to put someone through the glass!

One last thing and back to Ferriero so this doesn't become a Rupp hijacking. I definitely feel the same way a lot of the posters feel about this. Gotta love a guy that is given opportunity and rises to the occasion. It's great too see. Going back, there were so many cases like this. I remember Ryan Callahan once sitting out of practice one training camp as he was about to get sent back to the Wolfpack. Online at the time fans were saying he's too small to do it in this league. Or he was an overage payer that's why he had success in Jrs etc. He later on got his chance. He's now the captain! I love watching the players that can advance through the system because they are the guys who fought through the trenches to make it here. I hope Ferriero kicks some ass and takes some names.

Switching back to Rupper. There's a kid in Hartford who's of similar size. Probably skates as well as Rupp. Can throw with just about anyone. And lastly is still a very young man. Maybe Mashinter can continue to develop his game in the AHL and become Mike Rupps replacement with the big club. Judging strictly from Beacons scouting reports he sounds like he's on the right path.

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