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Originally Posted by XX View Post
I want a lot of things. Doesn't mean I'll get them. Steckel lets you roll 4 lines that can be counted on to possess the puck. Probably the best 4 centers in the league, FO wise. There aren't many options out there to replace Lombardi or keep this team together that don't involve moving significant pieces. Yandle has a 5.25 hit. You could realistically trade him for ROR, sign ROR to an escalating contract and use the change to go out and acquire another forward. Or try and get Sgarbossa included, hope he turns into an NHLer.

Realistically, whoever we trade/sign is going to be riding with Torres and Moss. Offense is a bonus when paired with those two.

A bottom 6 of:
Torres - Gordon - Moss
Klinkhammer - Steckel - Johnson

is much better than the crap we are icing now. This team absolutely has to find a way to get the 3rd and 4th line players more ice time, or they will lose every back-to-back and be gassed come March and April. The goal being to just possess the puck and hit the other team a lot. That's all you can hope for. The Coyotes do not have the luxury of sexy hockey. Also, I'd love to trade Biz away.

Go through the depth charts. Just not a lot of options out there.
Like I said, you can do worse, and he'd likely be a good fit. Your third line is what I want my fourth line to be, and your fourth line, is what I want down in the AHL. Again, want in one hand and **** in the other, right? Still, if we're trading with Toronto, I'd prefer Connolly to Steckel if possible. If they are unwilling to eat more salary, than I'm good with Steckel as the 4th C, rather than Chipchura who I like as the 4th LW (much more so than Klinkhammer).

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