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01-28-2013, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Sidney the Kidney View Post
Maybe, but would he be playing well for them? It's not like Strait's just playing, but costing them. He's actually holding his own in those minutes. Meanwhile, Lovejoy's looked like ass for the majority of the two games he's been playing in sheltered minutes.

You're probably right that it came down to financial stuff (Lovejoy's 1-way contract versus Strait's 2-way contract), but in terms of their actual performance, let's not pretend Lovejoy's been better.
Mostly agree. I do give Strait credit for playing well. I don't think Lovejoy has played as bad as our fans say though. He's made a mistake here and there but no more than Engelland, Despres or anybody else. Lovejoy just happens to be the current whipping boy. The fans have already decided he's a minus every game even before any of the games start. They wait to nitpick every little thing he does wrong but that can be done with any player.

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