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01-28-2013, 07:54 PM
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I have an update on Forbort and Dowd.

I am In Grand Forks ND and will be staying in the area through the weekend. I was able to watch UND vs STC where Derek Forbort faced off against Nik Dowd. I will be in town to watch UND v Wis this weekend too.

It has been a little while I since I was able to watch DF play in person and I am duly impressed with how much further his development has come along since the last time I had watched. He is skating very well in fact, he is almost skating at an NHL level and at times looks like he might be close to capable of skating with the best.

His positional play has come a long way but he still at times relies a little too much on his considerable reach rather than on putting himself in the perfect position to make the play. That said, he has also come a long way in so far as growing into his big body and his smarts are actually very good.

In my experience big bodied kids take longer to develop. No surprise there but the reasons why usually due to several different factors or so most pundits will tell you. In Derek's case his additional time in development is all about learning how and when to rely on his size, reach and skating to do what he is currently using his reach and quickness to cover.

By using his reach as often as he does he isn't allowing himself the ability to read play and position himself more effectively and as such is slowing the amount of time it will take for him to bring his game up to the next level.

He is clearly significantly better at his positional play this year then he was last year and he has also come a long way in how quickly and accurately reads a developing play too but he will need to be more choosy as to when he slows down and sticks his stick out to make the risky play rather than simply skating into position and using other aspects of his size to fill in for him.

He does step up into O position really well and even more than I thought he would be able to at the apex of his development so it is safe to say that he has impressed me so far. He is also playing allot more physically than he had last season (earlier this season too).

I haven't had a chance to talk with DF yet (likely tomorrow) but have talked to one of the scouts from the Stl Blues who was in attendance (draft scouting) who has seen several UND games this season who tells me that he believes that DF could be looking to move up after the end of this season (or that he believes that DF should). He had allot to say about how rapidly DF is developing and how he is a player who the Blues would covet given the chance.

I have also heard that DF plans on completing his degree before he leaves school so I will hold my opinion until I get a chance to talk with him myself. If he did decide to make the jump I could see him doing pretty well for MCH this and to start next season before getting his call ups. He is looking to be a solid two way defender who is less of a PMD than a stay at home guy but no so much of a stay at home guy that you would call him one.

I true hybrid type D and that is a big deal for us. Two seasons from how we could be looking at a great young D man. I will post again after this weekend with more of if I catch up with him before then.

Will Dowd make it at the NHL? That is my question too. He has super great soft hands and really has started driving the net and playing with allot more of an edge than he has the past two seasons. He can skate North to South really well and is good in his lane but is also starting to develop an East West game too. He will make a nice check now and then but is more of a shifty type of player than a gifted grinder.

He has an NHL level wrister but needs work on his accuracy. I like his game but I have been partial to him for a little bit now. He is two years away imo but looks pretty good. Easily a solid AHLer but looks like he has some upside beyond that too. I have only seen him 3 times this season (twice in person) so it will take time before I feel more comfortable really commenting on him but I like his game so far and think that he is slowly moving forward in his development.

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