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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
He played worse because bob was getting a lot of starts.

Bryz had played in 69 and 68 games before coming here. That's when he's best. When he gets a lot of starts, he is a great goalie.

He probably had about 50 starts last year.
Bob got a lot of starts because Bryz was bad. Bob getting starts didn't cause Bryz to falter; it was the other way around. Bryz faltered, therefore Bob had to start. Lavi tried to play Bryz through the storm and he really had no choice but to keep going with Bob.

I don't buy that Bob's presence made Bryz worse. By all accounts their working relationship was fine, and when Bryz was signed it was abundantly clear he was meant to be the number 1. When he was playing well it was clear he was supposed to, and expected to be, the go-to guy; when he wasn't playing well it was clear Bob was a backup filling in. With that eternal contract and NMC clause, these things weren't in doubt. Only when he struggled for a long time did he have to be sat down for the good of the team.

If the threat of a decent goalie as a backup shattered Bryz's confidence so badly, that says a lot of negative things about Bryz's mental fortitude.

Edit: If we have to keep a non-NHL goalie as backup and put the team at risk of losing an extra 10 games because Bryz mentally collapses with a decent backup, that's a detriment to the team and offsets any benefit of keeping Bryz pleased.

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