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Originally Posted by PyrettaBlaze View Post
PK Subban signe un contrat de deux ans avec les Canadiens.


In an ideal world I see this: The numbers are rough estimates of course but it give the TOI totals I see as effective given ages and abilities, and having good D at ES for most of the game. This assumes 8M PP and 8 M PK per game.

Subban 18 M ES, 4M PP, 4 M PK, 26 M total paired with Gorges 18 M ES, 4 M PK, 22 M total

Markov 16 M ES, 4M PP, 4 M PK, 24 M total paired with Emelin 16 M ES, 4M PP (I Want to see this!), 22 M total

Diaz 10 M ES, 4M PP, 14 M total paired with Cube 10 M ES, 4 M PK, 14 M total

Kaberle and Weber sit. One of them will go at deadline.

PP: Marky Diaz
Subban Emelin

PK: Subban Gorges
Marky Cube

This limits Marky's TOI to 24 M, he's playing too much ES right now, it's risky.
Also Limits Cubes TOI to where he can be most effective at his age.
Not need to play Kaberle or Weber at all when healthy.
It also gives us 2 dangerous offensive D for the penalty kill stretch pass in Marky and Subban. I would not be surprised if we start popping in a few shorties, with Bourque and Pleks up front playing well.

This is the difference Subban makes.

A well balanced D, with either Marky or Subban ion the ice for 50 M per game, and low minutes for the weakest ES guy and old guy.

The most interesting thing is the second wave PP. It might be Emelin's chance to take a spot here now. I will be very curious to see what Terry does.

This D is looking pretty good right now, I must admit, mainly because of Marky's incredible play, and the emergence of Diaz and to some extent Emelin, playing with Marky.

I see the Habs in this model as a good defensive ES team, with a dangerous power play that will make other teams honest, and hesitant to play dirty.

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