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01-28-2013, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by avs1dacup View Post
It's terrible analysis. It reeks of bias and isn't even correct. To those saying his head was up, how long do you think there was between the 1st pic(where he's clearly staring at the puck and NOT looking up and seeing Stuart)and the hit? half a second? maybe? He didn't have his head up.

As for the rest:

The 4th pic is when the hit occurs. If his elbow has the sharks logo, then I guess it was elbowing. Problem: it doesn't. Therefore, no elbow.

The 5th pic is AFTER the hit. No crap his feet aren't on the ice. It's called momentum. The energy has to go somewhere. There's a reason so many players are off their skates after a hit: physics.

The 6th pic, once again, is after the hit. The laws of physics(and Stuart trying to keep his balance)cause his arm to come up. His elbow is on his arm thus the flailing.

As for the rule, there is NOTHING stating that the head cannot be hit at all. The blindside part of the rule no longer exists. As long as the head isn't the PRIMARY point of contact, then it's perfectly legal. This is debatable, but to me, it looked like he hit chest the same time he hit head. The only way to get rid of this debate is to make ANY hit to the head illegal. Until then, nothing wrong with a good hard hockey hit.
Coulda just quoted what I said instead :p

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