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Originally Posted by TCL40 View Post
I don't think it is just who his mentor is, but also who is coaching and the general view from the coaching staff.

Julien is not Martin. I think the Habs as a team encouraged diving as a way to draw a PP because the team was very dependent on them for success. Just look at the playoff series in 2011-the Bruins won that series without a single PP goal but the Habs wouldn't have made it to a game 7 without the PP.

That said-it doesn't bother me that PK doesn't really want to fight. PK's game is the defensive version of Marchand's. He is far more about agitating and getting a player off his game than being tough and fighting.

However if he were on the Bruins somebody in that locker room would pull him aside like they did Marchand to tell him to agitate and they would generally have his back, but he was going to have to drop them if needed. Marchand hasn't been in tons of NHL fights, but he has fought.

PK is a player I am unwilling to trade for at this point, but he isn't even close to the players on my "I don't ever want to see them in black and gold" list. As a matter of fact PK for me is kind of like Pronger (before his injury) or Hartnell for me. Players I can't stand but I am pretty sure I would like if they were on my team.

The funny thing is that PK has fought more than Marchand. So I'm not sure why people are saying at least Marchand has been influenced by any Bruins "culture" and PK has been influenced by another. PK has more fights.

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