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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
What you should be looking for is people, the same people, who changed their mind before and after. That's who you should be referring to. If you find people who bashed Bergevin because he was giving a ridiculous offer and then praise him after...well bash those posters. But there are some people who didn't have a problem with Bergevin's offers. And there were others, like me, who had problems with it.

The nonsense? Well that's because if PK would have been happy with that, he would have signed earlier. PK HAD NO CHOICE, NO LEVERAGE. So the problem doesn't reside in that for me. He resides in the fact that we surely could have signed him long term in the long run for less money that he will be commanding in 2 years. This signature is too short term for me. 'Cause I do believe PK will ask for major overpayment soon. And that's IF he really is honest in him wanting to stay here.

'Cause let's face it. It's really funny to read people talking about how dedicated he is to this team and so on. People....this is not the time to mention this. Can we just wait till he has some leverage before making those assumptions?

It's great for us short term, we have PK this year, we have PK next year at a smaller price with the cap going down. But that's it so far.
I don't have any problem with your reaction or anything you've said. You are one of those that I tend to disagree with I think, yet I admire the way you think. You may be surprised to learn that I actually agree with you that a long term deal would have been better, it would have likely saved us more money. That's a point that cannot be ignored. I have no problem with that point.

What I have a problem with is people whining over the contract not because they wanted a long term deal, but rather because they think the money was too low. That's just stupid, from a fans perpective. You know what I mean? I also think that the people who think PK received exactly what he deserved are insane. No way.

So, even though I generally agree with you here, I also understand where Bergevin is coming from. So am not upset about it. This deal will help with future contracts too.

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