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01-28-2013, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by KingSalamon View Post
Single seats available for Mar game against Toronto on Seat Exchange... I checked a few March games and it seems like someone listed all their 200 level seats or something... there was Toronto and NYR and another March game.

I tend to agree on the security check for all the Seat Exchange lookups... I suppose it does stop the flood of people looking for tickets though by continually refreshing etc. but on the flip side, it kind of hampers people from wanting to get those tickets as some people will look once and give up.
I actually got a pre-sale code from the draw on the weekend, tried to get tickets besides eachother for any of the games, i was refreshing since 9:58am and it opened at 10am, i tried for toronto and boston and couldn't get anything besides each other so i finally settled for two single game tickets, both in 218,206 row 1.

Ticketmasters website was being so glitchly and bugged it was stupid, twice it said i had two minutes to check out two tickets beside each other, went to pay and it says "error".

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