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06-29-2006, 01:01 AM
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Here is my story..i was in the net (my favourite position is goalie) playing hockey during grade 12 then i went down to save the ball from going in as it was coming to me slowly from the girl that shot it . Ok so i'm on all 4's and my glove covers the ball and my knee locks and everyone including teacher just walk away thinking nothing happens untill i'm still on my knees ready to fall to the ground on my stomach in pain then the whole class makes a circle around me seeing what's happening i try and get up..i make it half way up and just collapse to the ground on my face unable to get up at all holding back the extreme amount of pain i was in (most pain i've ever had by far...), 2 people help me get up and i sit on a chair holding back the pain and they send me home early (WHOOHOO) because there was NOWAY i could walk PERIOD! anyway i go home and come back to school like 4 days later and take it out again like 5 months after again but this time playing basketball...and my leg never touched the ground, locked in the air.

Now i go home again and start setting up appointments with a specialist and eventually go to surgery and it was a breeze, seemed like a few seconds went by after i woke up and though (huh? that was easy and fast...). Anyway i take it out again on halloween night when i rolled to the other side of my bed...i took my knee out atleast 9 times and about 1 week ago i locked my other here i am like Pavel Bure with 2 bad knees what's the odds of that happening, eh?

Ohwell atleast i had a winning record in goal alltime on floor hockey at 105-15-10 and when i was playing with my class it was me (i was the best goalie) and abunch of crappy people who can't play vs the best of the class (they were good) so it's pretty much always in our end and i'm just owning them left and right and we won 6-1 2 easy i say...noobs and i'm not even a good goalie..slow reflexes, not great movement, 1 shutout total, about 20 fights...players/goalies. My last 25 games i had 14 fights, i love hockey fights...

The doctors told me i would not be able to walk for atleast 2 took me 3 weeks! i said ******* pain killers and rarely took them even if pain got bad...i'm used to pain and like to suck it up! i dunno why but i'm just like that for some reason...

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