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01-28-2013, 09:41 PM
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What's with the Orr hatred?

Everywhere I look on social media pertaining to the Leafs, there are a fair number of people who hate Orr's spot on the team and think he should be demoted.

"Ryan Hamilton would be better in his spot".."Keith Aucoin would be better in his spot".."any unproven AHLer would be better in his spot"..did I miss something here?

Last game, Orr played one shift in the last five minutes with Frattin and McClemment I believe, and it's the only time Toronto spent any time in the offencive zone between then and the fourth goal. How is Orr a negative on this team?

His skating is much improved. Not that it could have gotten any worse, but he's stronger on his skates now. He's a solid forechecker and, the problem for some people but an advantage to his game, he's an elite heavyweight.

Did people have fun seeing the Leafs get intimidated? Was it a good thing when Schenn was our second toughest player?

Maybe I'm missing something but for as long as Orr can play a regular shift and fight, I don't see an issue. Nobody seemed to make a peep about Rosehill and he couldn't play a regular shift to save his damn life.

No true hockey team loses a game because a goon makes them a three-line team. No AHLer can have an impact moreso than Orr. That's what I think, anyways. Is there something I'm missing here?

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