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Everybody has their own east/west realignment opinions but nobody ever talks about the north/south realignment opinion in this thread so far. I know that there were attempts but here is my attempt on it. I would put likely Quebec City and Seattle as a part of expansion team, to force the eastern based team to travel a little bit because as my long hatred for Atlantic based team getting easy travel every year, especially with the east teams. So I cannot persuade everybody to like the north/south conference due to various reasons: history, tradition, etc.

North Conference
West Division: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Seattle
Central Division: Winnipeg, Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit
East Division: Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo
Atlantic Division: Ottawa, Quebec City, Pittsburgh, Columbus

South Conference
West Division: L.A., Anaheim, San Jose, and Phoenix
Central Division: Dallas, Nashville, St. Louis, and Colorado
East Division: Tampa Bay, Florida, Carolina, Washington
Atlantic Division: NY Rangers, NY Islanders, NJ, and Philadelphia

Regular Season breakdown:
Divisional games: 4 games each with 3 teams for 12 games
Conference games, 3 games each with 12 teams for 36 games
Inter-conference games, 2 games each with 16 teams for 32 games.
Extra Rivalry games: 2 games total

Total games: 82 games.

This is perfect amount of games, 80 games but if the owner is concerned that they will lose their extra home gate, I would use 2 games as a rivalry games with two teams, for example, Vancouver can play against its own time zone opponent against south conference, L.A. and San Jose. Pittsburgh could play extra game against Flyers and Rangers, even they are in different conference. Ottawa could still play an extra game against Toronto and Montreal even it is not in their own division. Quebec City could play against Montreal.

For those who is concern that I took away Pens/Flyers division, I will post a revised for those who is concerned about it so much. However, I would suggest that it might be actually a good thing because then Pittsburgh will play against Detroit/Chicago, or any Canadian teams for a few more games in the conference games. For those who is wondering why I didn't put Quebec City in same division with Montreal, I would rather to keep Montreal/Boston/Toronto rivalry rather than a new team, Quebec City with no history at all. I don't count the Nordiques a history because they are a different team.

I will list two or three rivalry games for each team that is not in their own division and/or north/south conference:

VAncouver: L.A., San Jose, or Anaheim
Calgary: Colorado, Winnipeg
Edmonton: Colorado, Winnipeg.
Seattle: Anaheim, San Jose
Winnipeg: Calgary, Edmonton
Minnesota: St. Louis, Chicago
Chicago: St. Louis, Nashville, NY Rangers, or Boston
Detroit: Toronto, St. Louis, Boston, or NY Rangers
Boston: NY Rangers, Detroit, Chicago
Montreal: Quebec City, Ottawa, Detroit, Boston, Chicago
Toronto: Ottawa, Detroit
Buffalo: NY Islanders, Philadelphia
Ottawa: Montreal, Toronto
Quebec City: Montreal, Ottawa, or Toronto
NY Islanders: NY Rangers, Buffalo
Columbus: No history so create one for them even Detroit is disinterested in them. Nashville, or St. Louis or Carolina or NY Islanders
Pittsburgh: Philadelphia, NY Rangers

NY Rangers: Pittsburgh, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal
NY Islanders: Buffalo, Columbus
New Jersery: Pittsburgh, Washington
Philadelphia: Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Washington
Washington: Pittsburgh, Philadephia, New Jersey
Tampa Bay: Nashville, Dallas
Florida: Nashville, Dallas
Carolina: Columbus, Dallas
Dallas: Florida, Tampa Bay, Carolina
St. Louis: Detroit, Chicago
Colorado: Edmonton, Calgary, or Phoenix
Nashville: Florida, Tampa Bay or Columbus or Carolina
LA: Vancouver, Edmonton
San Jose: Vancouver, Calgary
Phoenix: Colorado, Winnipeg, Calgary or Edmonton
Anaheim: Seattle, Vancouver or Colorado

I will revise post a revision north/south conference and you tell me who I take away in order for Pittsburgh to remain with the Flyers in same division or conference?

My choice: NY Islanders. They have been irreverent for years.

Give me your best North/south realignment with expansion team. East/West has been talked about to the death.

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