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Originally Posted by IslesNorway View Post
A team spending close to the cap will obviously have an advantage over one that struggles to reach the floor. That is pretty obvious. But which ever you look at it, the problem still remains: NO BIG FREE AGENT WOULD SIGN WITH THE ISLANDERS!!

There is little point in dreaming of the Suter's or Parise's of this world or any other big name. Garth tried many times over and never succeeded and the way some people always say "sign him" or "trade for him" it seems as if they think they're at the supermarket picking and choosing what to get. It would be easy for Snow to empty the cupboard for immediate help but there's a reason he won't do that.

In a few years the Isles will be closer to the cap than we'd like to acknowledge because in a few years Moulson, Hamonic, Amac and others will be in for big paydays.
Whoa boss, trying to sign a free agent may be hard because everyone knew we were in a convenient rebuild that just so happened to coincide with it being in Wang's best interests to save money. That is part of the reason we hired a GM with no experience, coaches with very little experience, don't have a director of scouting or hardly any support staff, etc. But TRADING for a good player, that has always been available and the only reason we haven't exercised that option (with the Wiz and the Viz the rare exceptions) is because Wang wanted to save money. No other reason, though it was masked with one excuse after another...

We haven't traded for anyone of real value when we have needed to because Wang hasn't wanted to spend much over the cap.

So let's be completely honest in these discussions. TRADING is the one way you get around all that "Oh, I don't want to sign with you" bellyaching because the player has zero choice but to report or get tolled.

Not getting this club some better support players to help Tavares and the defense is a crime against us and guys like Tavares, by Wang. The truth is the money just those two bodies would cost would come back to him in playoff revenues. It would also be an investment to further inflate the value of his current assets like John and Travis, but that is forward thinking.

And I wish you guys would stop perpetuating the fictitious myth that Wang is holding back bank now to help pay for payroll later when the kids get to their next contract round. The salary cap defines how much you can and can't spend every year. It isn't like Chuck is going to be able to spend the amount he saves now, later, pushing him magically above the cap ceiling. No, he will still have a ceiling. And with the way he is hurting the development of the kids by denying them a real support cast better than geriatric patients, walking emergency room visits, kids still in diapers, etc., he won't have to worry about paying too much later. Bailey has already been damaged by the rush up and bad support. Okposo as well, and the book is still open on Nino.

No, being cheap hurts us and the players. The only person who it does help is Wang. I hope that finally changes now that he has his arena deal in place and a solid reason to expect increased revenues, along with revenue sharing starting this year. If he hasn't let Snow acquire better talent by August 30th you can take it to the bank he doesn't give a toot about the club's kids and is happy sucking us dry once his income turns black once they are in Brooklyn.

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