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01-28-2013, 10:32 PM
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Everybody has their own east/west realignment opinions but nobody ever talks about the north/south realignment opinion in this thread so far. I know that there were attempts but here is my attempt on it. I would put likely Quebec City and Seattle as a part of expansion team, to force the eastern based team to travel a little bit because as my long hatred for Atlantic based team getting easy travel every year, especially with the east teams. So I cannot persuade everybody to like the north/south conference due to various reasons: history, tradition, etc.
North/South conferences wouldn't work. It works in:
NFL (because all game times are mostly standardized and once a week)
MLB (because they play mostly in the afternoon and no-one cares if they watch every game)

But when you have the NBA and NHL, it won't work. You'll be forcing fans to watch games at 10 pm at night or 4 pm in the afternoon on a regular basis... not fan friendly at all.

The answer to making travel times fair isn't forcing all teams to travel more... we're going for MINIMAL average travel time not "I hate the Atlantic Division travel schedule so I'm going to make them fly to California five times a year"