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01-28-2013, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by slightlystewpid420 View Post
It's more fun thinking about the future that could be, than what will likely happen.
I think you just blew the cover off the entire wedding and bridal industries in one single sentence there.

Originally Posted by CBJBrassard16 View Post
You do know 5 on 3's are usually quarterbacked by the defenseman, which Jones is? Jones is a defenseman, but he can still put up 30+ points when he becomes an NHL defenseman. Thats very valuable.
Personally, I wonder why. In theory, a 5-on-3 situation should be quarterbacked off the goal line toward the corner by a forward, rather than up high by a defenseman. By having the QB up high, the team on the PK is able to run an inverted triangle, which means continually trying to force one-timers.

But by running it from the goal line or the bottom of a circle, it forces the PK to reverse that alignment; they'd have to have two PKers down low (to pressure the QB and to clear the front of the net). But it would allow the point men to roam freely, enabling the one-timer to come from either direction. And by being able to move back and forth down the goal line, it would open up every imaginable passing lane with a minimum of restrictions.

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