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01-28-2013, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by nyrpassion View Post
HOLYYY ****. I just finished my NHL 13 season that I've been playing since the game came out. I have played every single second of every single game. Naturally, my playoffs hopes come to the last game, against the Flyers. I all but basically needed a win. WSH, TOR, Winnipeg and NYR all had 88 pts. Imagine, this is the closest I'll ever get to the feeling of the NHL, 81 games, and all your time and work comes down to 1 game. So the game, I was down 1-0, Richards tied it. 1-1. Then the Flyers score 2 quick goals (Both from Fedetenko haha). So going into the 3rd, down 2. I watched the Torts intermission speech from 24/7 (St. Louis game) to get pumped Anyway, Richards with his 2nd goal just a few minutes into the third period. I start sweating profusely. The clocks keeps ticking down. 3 minutes left, then 2. I'm like **** man. Are you kidding me. So..last minute, there are no whistles, my guys are tired as balls. Nash-Richie-Gabby-DZ-Staal. Gaborik rushes down the ice, tries a shot, it gets blocked, there's a cluster **** for the puck. It pops to the corner, where Nash pokechecks it to DZ. DZ carries it over to Staal for a one timer. (12 seconds left). Staal shoots it, gets deflected by Nash and in!! WAAIT THOUGH. it gets waved off! Apparently, it was a kicking motion. I'm screaming at my TV, 7.3 seconds remaining. Watch the replays, which clearly show it deflected off of Nash's leg and in, no kicking motion. So as I'm waiting for a eternity, screaming , the ref finally calls it a good goal. I SCREAM, I have nevr been so invested in a game haha. So the game goes to OT, where off a weird deflection Gabby gets the game winner 2 minutes in! We finished 7th, and now play the Pens! haha, had to vent this out!!! **** yeah!!!
**** the Flyers.

I commend you for the bolded. Not many are strong enough to endure such wrath.

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