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Originally Posted by Undecided View Post
Here are my thoughts after tonight's game.

I'm a sucker for a no-nonsense coach. One who isn't afraid to show some emotion or raise his voice.
Our options are very thin here. It's either Laviolette, if he's fired, or someone from within the organization. I don't think anyone else is on the chopping block.

That, among other, more fundamental reasons is why i'm not a huge fan of Gully.
Lucky for me, his job security is currently at an all time low.
Well, I don't know if there is any imminent danger of him being fired, but seeing as he's on a 2 year deal (this is year 2) + 1 year club option, I would guess management is not picking up that option.

I'm almost certain Morrow and Robidas will be gone by TD if it's a Cup they're after.
We won't get much in return, but I'll take that as a "addition via subtraction" move.

I seriously doubt Joe is sticking his neck out for help on D this season; they're beyond the kind of help he could reasonably provide, and as it stands, they aren't exactly looking playoff caliber.
Arguably, he couldn't do much this year, but next year he better find an experienced d-man (or two, if we lose Robidas) via UFA. No spectacular names, but I like Scuderi and Regehr, if they're available.

Lastly, this may be premature, but it's just a thought.
I fear the rigors of the West could get the best of Jagr.
Not that it would necessarily show so much this season, but he's only got so much left in him, and being in the West certainly adds more wear and mileage than the East.
It wouldn't be a total shock to see him back in Philly at TD, if not sooner.
Exactly why I don't think he is probably not a good option beyond this season. Then again, we could be in a re-aligned situation before next season. Who knows?

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